COMPLETED: 30 Days of Yoga

As you may already know from my 2016 Resolutions post and my January Resolution post, this month I challenged myself to practice yoga every day for 30 days. I was already familiar with the Yoga with Adriene Youtube Channel and knew she was bringing out…

Quick & Cheap Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is something that I'm pretty sure nobody enjoys! So I thought today I would share with you my two secret weapons for getting my makeup brushes super clean in less time :) Dr Bronner's Soap  This soap has long been raved about…

Harry Potter Studios – Journal #2

Last weekend I visited the Harry Potter Studios, I had a wonderful time and thought it'd be nice to share the photos here :) If you enjoyed the films and/or books then I would highly recommend a visit to the Harry Potter Studios. The experience…

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

Today I thought I'd post a quick review sharing one of my favourite products with you, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer. Product The main reason I love these bronzers is that the shades are spot on for pale skin, and all of the shades are…

Burberry Pale Barley Eyeshadow

For Christmas I was treated to my first piece of Burberry makeup, the wet and dry eyeshadow in the shade Pale Barley. If there was ever an eyeshadow worth dedicating an entire post to then it's this one! Product This eyeshadow is a dream! It…

Journal #1

It was difficult to start this post, I’ve never been one to post personal things on social media. However, I really want my blog to be more than just beauty and to reflect my own life, so that I can look back in the future…
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